Perpetuating Information

So WordPress changed their layout, so I don’t really know how to add a category, let alone do I know if I’ll figured out exactly what we are supposed to do.

Anyway, I think that what Ram is talking about in his post about the way social media interacts with the “rhetorical velocity and delivery” concepts brought up in our reading and how information continues to move forward. I really liked the way he thought about it in regards to remixing that continuously happens.

If we’re being honest, this blog post is going to be short and confusing because today has been so long, and I really just want to sleep. However, I am purposefully trying to make the stylistic decision that as I briefly, briefly, BRIEFLY discuss this topic, I am not doing any of my normal blog linking things. No pictures, not hyperlinks, not SNL clips. This is on purpose because the topic of this reading was literally about how we perpetuate knowledge in different platforms. So in my quest for irony, I will not be direct linking or inputting photos to further rhetorically veloci-fy them. Instead, we’ll just be talking plain text.

I’m sure I’m not making sense at this point, which doesn’t really worry me at all. My eyes feel as though they may jump out of my head at any moment.

Regardless, I thought it was interesting when Ridolfo and Devoss started talking about the format of information made me really interested. Especially when they connected it to the question of “Is it worth the time to do this?”

This is something I’ve been fascinated with since WRIT 205. I think that thinking about how economical you’re being with the information you’re trying to convey is a super important thing to think about when hoping that your message or information perpetuates forward so that more views/readers/whatever-you-wanna-call-ems can focus on it. How do we get more people to see what we’re doing? Who should see what we’re doing?

I don’t know the answers. And I can’t think critically one moment longer. Not that I was doing much before.

Thanks for having class outside today. I really needed the Vitamin D.


One thought on “Perpetuating Information

  1. Piggybacking off the idea of perpetuating our work and hoping it goes on, is every work produced some version of remixed conglomerate that we just break apart and re purposed for a new piece of writing?


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