Digital Ecology of Writing


In the article ‘Coordinating Constant Invention: Social Media’s Role in Distributed Work’, Stacey Pigg described the role of social media in innovative writing practices. Symbolic analysts “who work outside traditional organizational structures” exploiting social media as a tool to explore the areas of interest and to guide to reach at the areas of interest. Social media create a common platform where people come and represent social norms, writers become part of it, learn here and implement the gains in their writing. These gathering of people results in blend of distributed knowledge which helps writers to invent text, develop identities and form career channels. Piggs’s observation on Dave’s writing project and analysis elucidated the role of social media. It helped Dave to find the social context for his writing, a network to which he became identical member and to understand the complexity of the network to release his writing through a possible route. To persist in the set community, he used search tool to find relevant contributors so he can exchange his content and can link to their work. Understanding of context and being in relationship with other writers, helped him to learn the optimum time to release his work and these successful activities open new door to extend the relationship.

It can be inferred that you need different skills to launce yourself on social media platform and to be there. People use social media and reflect different interest. Basically, it increases diversity of an idea, hence results are more vigorous, but you should be able to take into account that diversity to get the advantage of this platform. As we have read in Cooper’s ‘Ecology of Writing’ knowing your audience is important, social media helps in that. It reduces the distance between writers and readers, hence you can analyses more audience at a time, but same time it increases complexity of social coordination developed. Social practices are continuously changing, you should be fast enough to chase the rapid shifts in interest. Pigg stated that Dave did not create a new network, instead he became part of existing network, because he found that there was a diverse community, he wanted to be a part of, had already in existence. If you don’t get a match with your work, whether you wait for turns or create a new community, both are limited by unpredicted and dynamically changing social practices.

Diversity and distance of social media keep evolving and offering improved platform to get together, at the cost of scope for deception. Lack of legitimacy on social media reminds me ‘Figures are false or deceptive figures’. Several factors are associated with legitimacy of social media, hence it is difficult to determine but easy to deceive others. Increasing interest in social media vulnerating the integrity of online writing practices. Writers who heavily depends on social media are prone to manipulate the content to raise the social status and to disperse their reach. These activities may also affect the writing practices of others. In fact, you may trap your writing practices in already existed deceptive network.

If you want to know more about Social media deceptions, please follow the link below:


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