My throat is sore and I can’t bring myself to be clever.

John Green (a YouTube video blogger and a Young Adult novelist) has said in the linked video, and in many other videos that he doesn’t make money writing. So why did I choose him? Because as much as that’s something I’m super familiar with being an issue, I also think that within the context that he’s both presenting the information in, and the many different formats he performs social media wise (podcast, vlogs, etc.) I wish that he talked more to the importance of writing in a different context.

My group mates seemed to talk reasonably about more tangible moments of talking about writing, which is great, but I also foresee these as way more formal pieces of talking about writing, which feels problematic to me. Two of my group members even responded on the same writer with the same text.

I think what’s most impactful to me about how John Green talks about his writing and him as a writer, is that he addresses the privilege he has that he gets to sit at home and write as a “job” part of the time. And I’m most certain that my own personal writing about this, I’m full-heartedly going against what the actual assignment was… but it should come as no big surprise that I don’t care. This is because I see value in how he talks.

He’s talked about his need for routine in his writing and writing pattern and how that sometimes helps him in his writing.

John Green consistently discusses how difficult writing is. Which helps level with me as someone who also enjoys/identifies as a writer. I think that it’s important to think about because of our over romanticized views of writing and writers. I also think it’s interesting that he’s never addressed the video making as a part of writing. I think more about this and his process of doing this because of the work I did in WRIT 205 where I talked more specifically about videos as a genre. And additionally is it more of a “just talking” idea that limits him to talking about it as writing, or is it less legitimate. I’d also maybe like to hear more on writing for visual things from people who write for more organized and written ones.

But mostly, I like the way that in this video he talks about the issues of an over eager audience which is both a privilege to have, but also he talks about how it inhibits his personal need to write what he feels like needs to be written instead of just attempting to construct a good story.

P.S. I’d love to feel bad about not doing the correct thing for the assignment and not submitting it on time etc….. but I really cant self-care > homework this week. Sorry, not sorry.



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